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10 May, 2013

Open Trend – Creative Control


At Opening Doors our ethos is all about being open-minded to new ideas as we believe that it is the only way you can be truly creative and achieve great results from your marketing campaigns. With this in mind we decided to launch an initiative called ‘Creative Control’. Working collaboratively across multiple disciplines with some of the best talents in the industry to demonstrate that being open minded can result in pure creativity.

The campaign will be run twice a year and the commissioned artist from a chosen discipline e.g. illustration, graphic design, photography, motion graphics will have a completely open brief to demonstrate what they are capable of.

The first piece in the collection has been created by world renowned Canadian illustrator and graphic designer James White. Starting from a completely blank canvas, James, known for his unique style inspired by film, let his imagination run free. The end result, ‘Space Odyssey’, is a striking illustration that is both a nostalgic trip back in time to the envelope-pushing visuals and surrealism of Kubrick-era science fiction, as well as an invitation to what actually lies ahead for mankind with the very real and imminent arrival of commercial space travel.

James was the perfect ambassador to kick off Creative Control, he’s never stopped creating and working on his own projects continually pushing the boundaries and his own talent. James’ personal projects gained recognition in the industry and led to clients such as Google, Nike, MTV, Wired, Universal and many more.

To mark the launch of the campaign we have had a limited number of posters printed and these will be sent out to clients and friends of Opening Doors. We will also be giving away a small number through our Facebook page towards the end of the month so keep an eye out. 

For more information on the Creative Control campaign, including key dates and disciplines, please contact the press office at Opening Doors on T: 01260 285 825 or E:

Early concepts and ideas


The final piece


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